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Terror in the Maze [FPS 3D-Shooter] by MasterGy
« on: August 30, 2021, 05:04:30 am »
Terror in the Maze

Author: @MasterGy
Source: Forum
Version: 2021-08-20

The course of the game needs no special explanation, but in short:
This is an FPS-like 3D shooting game.
Main goal: to get out of the maze. From the monsters, you need to get the ammo needed to blow up the next box. Exploding the box if we have the ammunition: with 100% fireball (use the right mouse button to shoot) Behind the box is the key to the next box, but at the same time as the box is detonated, fire-killing dragons are released. They have to be done.
Caution! If we have ammunition, you have to be careful with the monsters, because they can take the key and run away with it. Don't let them get close to you!
During the game, the fairy takes us on the right path.
When we run out of energy, stop for a “first aid” block!

Author's Comments:
Some thoughts about the program:

Important: No OpenGL in it! What you see is just _MAPTRIANGLE!

The game is written in BASIC (under QB64 1.3). GOOGLE helped with the graphics. Animated monster gifs, dragons, maze textures. I used PaintS Shop Pro 5 and Virtualdub to edit the images and animations.
YOUTUBE helped with the sound effects. For example, with the keywords “explosion effect”, “dragon music”, “monster voice” you can find a lot of good sound samples.
I calculate the shortest distance (fairy) between two points in the maze using the Dijkstra algorithm.
No two games are alike. At startup, the program generates a randomly arranged maze with varied textures.

Game history:
First, I created a simple, random 3D maze-generating program that can be navigated like in a typical FPS game. This can't be called a game, it's just interesting.
Found in the game folder: "archive_and_history / real_3d_maze"
As I dealt with the geometry of 3D space, a curiosity arose in me. What would happen if the position of 1 point were given by the intersection of 4 planes instead of 3? The representation would of course remain 3-dimensional, but we could see the space from several views as a section of any 3 planes arbitrarily selected from the 4 planes. As well as real-time simultaneously in differently used planes. How can the structure and arrangement of the same 4-dimensional space change if we create it as sections of different 3 planes? The program visualizes this curiosity.
Found in the game folder: "archive_and_history / real_4d_maze_4windows_real_time"

Once I liked the game’s 3D display options, I made this game.  It has strategy in it, but not in the sense of a logic game.
The younger generation, who love FPS games, may find them easier to understand, use, and enjoy.

I intentionally made the video in HARD mode to show who can get out! You have to feel it and you will enjoy it!
In EASY mode, I think the one who doesn't get used to FPS games will get out.

The gameplay shows that in HARD mode it takes up to 10 minutes to complete.


The author's program evolution for reference,  4 threads in order first to last:

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