Author Topic: Pi-in-the-Sky Graphics Demonstration Program (with 3D) by Qwerkey  (Read 3962 times)

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Pi-in-the-Sky Graphics Demonstration

Author: @Qwerkey
Source: Forum
Version: 15/01/22

This is a program which demonstrates the amazing graphics capabilities of QB64, using simple coding techniques and without resorting to the complexities of Open_GL.  Impressive 3D effects can be obtained using the QB64 _MAPTRIANGLE statement: the 3D _MAPTRIANGLE method gives a convincing 3D display along with perspective.

The program features a number of animations (some 2D and some 3D) enhanced with accompanying audio.  There is no interaction with the user, and the running display is an entertaining series of whimsical tableaux.  The program takes about 10 minutes before repeating.

You will need to go to the URL above to download the program.