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Fairground Duck Shoot Simulation Game
« on: July 07, 2019, 10:37:42 am »
This is a simulation of a Duck Shoot booth.  A game of skill where you have to aim at the moving targets (pigeons in this game) and fire a projectile to knock them over.

The simulation of the firing apparatus ('rifle') in this game is effected by having two aiming images which have to be correctly aligned.

You will need to download from within the User Manual.

The use of InForm, once again, adds a certain professionalism to the running program.  Fellippe has delivered a coding methodology which is so easy to incorporate into QB64 Basic, and again I encourage its use.  In this program I have used the following InForm controls:

Frame (for grouping together controls)
Button (for native-look program control)
Radio Button (to allow program parameter selection)
Drop-down List (to select from a given list)
Label (does what you'd expect)

and this is just a small sample of the available InForms controls.

During preparation of this program I was finding that the displayed Pigeon images sometimes were missing their target image: this without changing anything.  I believe that this is not now happening, but let me know if you see this happening.

Program updates (date format UK style):

* Duck Shoot User Manual.pdf (Filesize: 531.86 KB, Downloads: 340)
* screenshot.png (Filesize: 1.15 MB, Dimensions: 1257x837, Views: 675)
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