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Hi Guys
Here I post another game made with InForm 1 beta (in the ZIP there is also the .EXE)

You can play against AI to guess its secret sequence with many attempts...
At start you can set how digits (4-10) must be used to make the secret sequence by AI.
 Tutor say you both if a digit is in the secret sequence, both if the digit is in the right position (X) or a wrong position (O), both in the sequence tested (written by user) what is the digit. If Tutor is off you can have only as information that if a digit is in the right position you have back an X and if it is in the wrong position you have back an O.

Music: activate/deactivate music background

Clicking on START the AI create the secret sequence and you can start to guess writing a sequence of numbers in the textbox of the same lenght of the setting of digit of trackbar. So you must write the sequence , click on Test the sequence and you get feedback in the listbox underthe yellow rectangle. Thinking about the results of your attempts you can solve the rebus of get the right sequence.

Thanks to try

* (Filesize: 1.12 MB, Downloads: 331)
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